You could register to use Kapook EU Money Transfer by:

  1. Using the Kapook EU Money Transfer App on Smartphones
  2. Using the Website Kapook EU Money on your web browsers

Smartphones users – iPhone or Android, you could transfer using Kapook EU Money Transfer App

PC users – Desktop or Laptop, you could use  Kapook EU Money  (Web App)

For those who would prefer to use papers and telephone, you could register using paper-base form

For more information on transfer fees, please visit the Fee Page

Money Transfer with Kapook EU takes approximately 5 minutes during working hours (Monday – Sunday 9:30 -17:30) (Excluding Thai or UK holidays) If you create a transaction after working hours, your money will arrive the following day.

Kapook EU Money Transfer App is on both iOS and Android devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other Android devices. You can download the app from the  App Store or Play Store.  You could also watch a video on how to use the app from  Kapook App Page