With the continuous development of Kapook EU, the company therefore offers a more convenient and quick way to transfer money. By transferring money via Smartphone App with a starting fee start from 1.50 percent in the United Kingdom and 2 percent for European Union Countries customers. With this service fee, the payee in Thailand will not have to pay additional fees.

However, for credit card customers, it could have an additional fee from your credit card providers depending on the bank and the card type, or the card promotion.

App Kapook Money Transfer is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can download for free and sign up for free.


You could download from the links below.

Kapook Apple StoreKapook Apps Google Play

About Kapook EU App


Transfer money to Thailand using Kapook App

Step1-after download

After downloaded, open the app

to sign up

fill out information


Take photo of Passport

and easily upload yourself

create transaction

create recipient

enter the amount you want to transfer

Transfer and receive the money

in recipients’ bank accounts

in Thailand within 5 minutes.


How to use Kapook App