From August 2022, Kapook EU (Kapook UK Ltd) has improved the money transfer system much faster. The new system takes approximately 5 minutes to transfer money to Thailand during the company’s working hours – between 9.30-5.00 Monday – Saturday, except for British public holidays. If customers make transactions on Sunday, they will receive money on Monday.

For this new quick  system, the company keeps the same fee which is only 1.5%

In addition, Kapook EU has improved safety standards and anti-money laundering because we are working closely with banks in Thailand and the United Kingdom-related bodies. For transactions that are notified by the system, they may be facing a delay in transferring funds.

In this initial stage, the company expect no problems to occur, but if the event exceeds expectations. The company will try to transfer money as quickly as possible.


in summary

From Aug 2022, all money transfers will be much quicker with the same fee.