Terms and Conditions

Subject to your compliance with the terms of this Agreement,

1. This promotion is for New customers who sign up and make a single transaction. you will reward as a credit fee 5.

2. Our customers who invite friends and each of them will need to make a single transaction. The referrer will get a credit fee of 5 and Referee will get a credit fee of 5.

3. Customer has to meet the requirements.

4. Our credit fee will be used as a fee deduction. The credit fee will reduce 100 per cent of the transaction value for every online transaction.

5. Our promotion is only available for Kapookeu APP only.

6. Our promotion is only available in UK only.

7. Our credit fee promotion is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

8. We may change these terms and conditions from time to time.

9. Our promotion is available for a limited time only 4th-31st October 2021

10. Only one redeem of any type may be used per transaction.

11. We will usually refund you by the same method as your original payment but you will lose your credit fee.

12You may only use our promotion in good faith for lawful purposes you may not:

12.1 create more than one account in order to invite yourself;

12.2 invite others that have created duplicate accounts;

12.3 use alternative contact information to refer yourself or others that have created duplicate accounts;

12.4 invite an existing customer of Kapookeu;

12.5 invite fictitious persons;

12.6 do anything that damages Kapookeu’s brand, goodwill or reputation;

12.7 make payments to another user that are not genuine payments.

13. Kapookeu has the right to refuse to pay you the promotion credit fee if (in its sole and absolute discretion) Kapookeu suspects that you have not used the promotion credit fee in good faith or have breached this Agreement.